Built to Serve the Local Church

In 2012 ChurchLink launched our first app app in the App Store and Google Play called ChurchLink. The goal was to provide a universal church app that was affordable for any size church or ministry. Soon after the launch of the ChurchLink app we started building custom apps for churches. In four short years ChurchLink now serves over two thousand churches and is one of the leading app companies for churches.

As ChurchLink has grown so has the requests to manage and build other aspects of church technology for our customers.  One particular area of focus is Church Design and Church Websites, as these technology areas are closely aligned to our app products.  As our talented team of designers and developers have grown we have officially made our new Design & Web Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are excited and thankful to all of our church customers and incredibly thankful for the Lord’s blessings and favor on ChurchLink.  We hope to have the opportunity to become a part of your great church or ministry.


Helping the local church spread it's digital reach.

The ChurchLink Web team exists to resource the local church by handling all of the technical aspects and visual components of church websites.  Our desire is to take some of the work off of the shoulders of church staff and volunteers so that you and your team can have more time to focus on doing ministry work in your local context. 


Salt Lake City, Utah

The ChurchLink Web Team intentionally chose our home base for a reason.  The state of Utah has the lowest percentage of Christians in the country with the Salt Lake Valley having less than 3% of the population that consider themselves part of the Christian faith.  Our goal and hope is to be part of God's transformative movement in the Salt Lake Valley by making our base of operations here and helping church plants in the valley.

Part of a Utah Church or Church Plant?